On Darjeeling Gin:

“I happen to like gin very much. Ed Arnold’s sample which he brought to me was a revelation. The gin was very fragrant but not monotone. The flavor was delicate, yet pungent with a long finish. Very well balanced. Equally at home in a gin and tonic, Martini, or Pink Gin, it is really a “gin fancier’s” gin.”

Darrell Corti

Owner, Corti Brothers

Sacramento Bee Logo

On Darjeeling Gin:

“Perhaps the best gin you’ll ever taste just happens to hail from Auburn, via the upstart California Distilled Spirits. True to its name, this impeccably aromatic gin is flavored in part by Darjeeling tea, plus citrus peel and a top secret blend of spices. The craft cocktailer on your list will appreciate this gin on the rocks with a bit of fresh squeezed lemon juice, or as the basis for a fantastic French 75.”

The Sacramento Bee

2014 Holiday Guide

This gin is absolutely stunning

Craft Magazine